Monotone Magnes Power Pod

Monotone Magnes Power Pod

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Customer Reviews

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Michele Nolan

This power bank is very lightweight, very user-friendly, has a high usage rate, and the battery level is also very real. I will recommend it to my friends for use

Alexandrea Shields

As described by the seller, the power bank is indeed very mini. When connected to the back of the phone, it doesn't look too big. Girls can also hold it with one hand.

Johnny Boyer

It has strong magnetic attraction, large capacity and long battery life, is thin, compact and easy to carry, and feels great in the hand.

Hipolito Bayer

This is my first time using a magnetic power bank, and the effect is very good. The power bank is very good. Magnetic attraction is very strong. I held it in my hand several times, but it didn't fall off. The adsorption force is very strong.

Freddie Padberg

The delivery is fast and the quality is very good. The power display of the charging widget is the same as the official website.

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