Mountain Power Pod

Mountain Power Pod

The Mountain Power Pod encapsulates the spirit of adventure, love for nature, and admiration for Earth's majestic mountains. By carrying this unique design with you, not only do you have a reliable power source for your devices, but you also carry a powerful symbol of our responsibility to cherish and preserve the natural wonders that surround us. Embrace the "Summit's Embrace" and let it inspire you to explore, appreciate, and protect the Earth and its magnificent mountains for generations to come.

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Customer Reviews

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Charges so fast!

Fast-charging and pocket-sized power bank. I've bought so many out there, but this is one of my favorites in terms of convenience and design quality. This is 5000mAh, I would buy more if there's a 10000mAh.

Beautiful Gift!

Got like 2 of them for my siblings. They both love them!

Victor Waneyama
As a big hiker, I love to showcase people my love for mountains.

I love this power pod. I tried buying from Casely but the power bank is slightly heavy and not the designs i want. Came across Magnes through Instagram and this thing is amazing! I love this always bringing this with me and family during our roadtrips.

Great Product!

Affordable and Quality Product! I love the design too so adorable.

Got the product in 3 days! I love it, brought it everywhere I go

I love it. Shipping was quick and the product is so light compared to my bulky belkin power banks.

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